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Making the Entire Process Seamless

Chris's entire life has revolved around music and public speaking for as long as he can remember.


Several years ago, he stumbled across event DJing and fell in love with it. After DJing with an amazing company for 9 years, he decided to take the leap and start his own boutique wedding DJ company, Seamless Entertainment. 


His vision and goal in creating Seamless Entertainment was to provide a premier service, where couples don’t get upsold, and everything is included. Thus, making their whole process, from start to finish - as easy, complete, and smooth as possible.


What most sets Chris, and Seamless Entertainment apart, is his passion for seeing weddings come to completion with excellence, and working as a team with the other vendors, to make the entire event: seamless.  

Christopher Duffey

Founder, CEO & Lead DJ

Fun Facts: 

  • He played percussion in Carnegie Hall with a symphony

  • His favorite oldies song is "Take On Me,"
    by A-ha


  • One of his most unique experiences was working with AIDS orphans and building homes for widows in Kenya

  • He spent most of his younger years excelling in soccer and coached high school girls and boys soccer for several years 

  • He would love to live in Italy 

  • His favorite wedding moment is the
    father daughter dance


  • He loves going on adventures with his wife, Sara, his daughter, Bella, and his Cane Corso/American Bulldog, Scarlet

Nate has always loved music and fell into the wedding industry working as a private contractor for special events. Fast forward 6 years and he's one of the absolute best in the industry.


However, what sets him apart isn’t just how personable, professional, genuine, charismatic and experienced he is. In addition to all of those things, in true Seamless Entertainment fashion — he has a genuine love for helping couples cultivate one of the BEST days of their life. 

“I love making the day something they’ll remember forever. They’ll forget about the photographer, the DJ, all the vendors — but they’ll always remember that they had a great time. I love being a part of that.”


His approach to weddings involves paying special attention to the details and building caring relationships which become the foundation for a truly seamless, wonderful experience.

The Day They'll Remember Forever

Nate Coronado


Fun Facts: 

  • He attended Kansas Wesleyan University on a soccer scholarship

  • He's an avid karaoke enthusiast and even sung karaoke in Nashville 

  • He loves surfing and rides an e-bike all over town

  • He worked transportation for Shaq

  • His favorite candy is banana Laffy Taffy 

  • He's a Colorado native

  • He knows an impressive amount of random historical facts 

Few DJs are as technically savvy and well-versed in the world of music, sound, and the craft of DJing, as Jack. He brings a level of wisdom, expertise and passion to the turntables that is unheard of. 

In addition to having a music degree from the College of Santa Fe, Jack is a member of local live electronic duo "Travel Kit," which performs all over Colorado, and a sound engineer for touring bands across the country.  

However, it's not just Jack's impressive wealth of knowledge and decades of experience that put him in a league of his own. Jack's warmth, kindness, and fun-loving spirit give him the unique ability to connect with anyone, and put everyone at ease -- in seconds. 

Whether he's DJing a wedding, performing with his electronic duo, or tweaking the sound system for an event, Jack's goal is always the same: to create an unforgettable musical experience for the audience.

Creating an

Unforgettable Experience


Jack Trueax



Fun Facts: 

  • He makes stained glass windows in his free time

  • He studied cooking in China and still loves to cook

  • He recieved the "Freshman of the Year" award from the music department at the
    College of Santa Fe

  • He used to work as an event manager at Cochella

  • He taught English to lawyers, doctors and engineers at Szechuan University, in Chengdu, China

  • He has a Shorkie named Napoleon

  • He's French but his last name is actually pronounced exactly as it's spelled: "true-ax"

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